You Won’t see this on Social Media

I have a sick feeling… And you’re about to find out why:

Let’s start with one of my principles:

First, do no harm. 

This applies to all aspects of training and preparation.

Over the past couple of decades I’ve prided myself on how few preventable injuries have occurred during training.

But this week, one occurred and it’s hurting:

Young kid. Super enthusiastic. Polite – an absolute pleasure to coach.

He arrived with pretty good training technique (he’s done some training with his older siblings and father) and a great attitude.

And he’s always looking to do more or do it better.

His program had Nordics (aka the Nordic hamstring exercise) on his Day 2.

I like the Nordic. We use it to teach neutral spine, pelvic tilt and posture in general; and begin with Eccentrics only.

At the same time he was programmed to do his Nordics, 2 of my BMXers (who’ve been training at Propel of 7 and 8 years respectively) where working on their (advanced) GHRs with the Concentric muscle action.

I’m guessing you can see where this is going.

The worst part?

I saw him attempting the Concentric portions… I wondered about telling him he hadn’t Earned the Right to progress… But I just loved him pushing himself.

Fast forward 36hrs and his mother text me: suspected hamstring avulsion.

I didn’t cause the injury but it happened on my watch.

Why am I telling you this?

Our Instagram world of highlights, PBs and victories is distorting our view of the real world.

And I like to attract people who are real. Who are comfortable to discuss their losses and failures. To open up about their regrets. And who can teach us all lessons from their tough times.

But I can’t ask that of you if I don’t offer it first.

So here I am (after a couple of sleepless nights).

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