Turning Thoughts into $150… And then $1650

A few years ago I wrote articles (blog posts, really) for an organisation.

The deal was simple: once a month I’d write an article benefitting their athletes and four weeks later I could post it on propelperform.com.

They paid $150 per article.

The articles were easy to write because the topics were aligned with my daily work: developing athletes.

(In other words, I was only writing about what I knew and was doing – almost no *research* required.)

Once it was posted on Propel I’d share it on my social media.

In this particular case a school teacher read the post, it resonated with her and she looked me up.

Discovering I was close enough to drive to her school she asked if I could chat about the themes in the post to her school classes.

One school day’s worth of work: $1500.

$150 + $1500 = $1650.

Why am I telling you this?

– 100% You can do this too!

– You need to change your mindset from Consumer to Creator.

– You have so many lessons to teach others and you’re wasting your experience if you’re not sharing it.

– When you release your thoughts and ideas you start attracting your tribe (my newsletter has attracted interactions with some amazing minds who’ve reached out and I am grateful for every interaction).

– It doesn’t have to take a lot of mental energy. (a ‘between-sets’ chat you had with your athlete could become a blog post… Or the beginning of an ebook.)

So start Creating something this week.

Build it. Publish it. Broadcast it.

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