Whether it’s corporate speaking or coach development, powerpoint presentations are boring.

So I don’t do them.

I won’t use notes (I figure if you’re paying me to talk about a subject… I should know that subject).

Instead, I’ll keep track of the questions and tangents we explore so I can follow up with further reading for your team to continue explore.

Also, it’s important to know who my audience is and how I can help them so please allow for at least an hour to chat before I accept the gig.


  • Presented in New York, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico & Rockhampton
  • Audience can be experts or novices in the theme domain
  • Have presented on health to doctors, business to accountants

Popular Themes

  • Improving Health
  • Enhancing Nutrition
  • Strengthening Mindset
  • Developing Business Skills
  • Embracing Change/Pressure

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Topics I'm interested in
Improving HealthEnhancing NutritionStrengthening MindsetDeveloping Business SkillsEmbracing Change/PressureOther

Duration of presentation/workshop