Proud to do Nothing!…?

I did nothing and I’m proud of it.

Let me explain:

I committed to sending a weekly newsletter.

Previous versions of Grant would’ve stuck to that commitment even if was otherwise breaking me.

You might have heard me talk about the time I worked something like 69 out of 71 days in the lead up to the Australian Open.

Or the 5-year period where I average working almost 70 hours a week.

Work (intensity or volume) never bothered me.

But this commitment often came at some cost.

Sometimes the cost would be my mental state or health.

Mostly it was at the expense of my relationships.

But now I’ve changed. Matured if you will.

I don’t work out of ego – I see no glory in “grinding”.

I’m a Husband. And a Father.

My commitment is to my wife and kids.

So if I make a commitment and there’s a COVID lockdown or a holiday break and my family needs me – that’s where you’ll find me.

I might have dropped the ball on this newsletter but had a great time (planting vegetables, exploring creeks, going off road, etc.) with my family.

And I’m pumped.

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