Make a Small Bet

Not once in my career have I had exponential growth.

Every position built on the previous one and slowly increased in terms of input, level of athlete, financial renumeration, etc.

The same thing could be said of Propel.

Steady growth over 8 years.

Now this isn’t a conincidence.

I’m intentionally conservative when it comes to career and business decisions.

And a better way to frame my conservative nature is to think about it like this:

Make small bets.

(I stole this phrase from Daniel Vassallo – a great follow on Twitter.)

It’s the antithesis of “Go Big or Go Home” mindset.

It allows you to start small.

Trial something.

Build slowly.

If you’re winning, maintain momentum.

If it’s not working, fail fast.

You’re also limiting the downside (it’s just a small bet).

So my question to you is:

What Small Bets are you making that might allow you to Win Big?

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