Learn from COVID

I don’t know how COVID has affected you.

But I can tell you this:

COVID isn’t the Real Test.

This has been a Prelim, or Practice Test.

There’s a bigger Test coming up.

Probably bigger Tests (plural).

Our hyper-connected world means anything somewhere can affect everything everywhere.

No one knows for sure what the next one will look like.

But there are two lessons you need to internalise.

Today, we’ll chat about the first lesson.

Build in Redundancy

Fundamentally, as coaches, we understand and apply Redundancy to our athletes: we want them to be stronger, faster and fitter than they need to be.

We prepare them for the “Worst Case Possible” – when the game could go into extra time; when the match reaches the fifth set; or when it’s predicted to be unbearably hot.

Engineers build redundancy into their projects: they’ll reinforce the weak areas of a bridge or strengthen high stress points with additional support.

And from a business perspective, redundancy might include ordering and storing extra stock to hedge against a problem with the supply chain.

Think of redundancy as back ups, typically focused on the areas that are either weakest or the most important.

Yet, in a tragic domain blind-spot, we don’t apply this level of thinking to our own lives, especially when it comes to our own income and financial security.

Now there is an element of understanding WHY we don’t apply this: redundancy is costly.

Reinforcing weak points, storing extra stock, or saving for a “rainy day” all come at some cost.

So let’s reflect on COVID….

Did your income dry up during lockdowns? Were you reliant on government hand-outs to survive? Lose your job? Or were you “lucky” by being paid by a super-generous employer?

Any of these situations should trigger you into severe action.

Being a high-credentialed ‘elite physical human performance director’ means little if the government shuts down your sport.

Those logos on your shirt have no value.

What other income streams do you have?

If you’re totally reliant on one income stream you are fragile.


Now is the time to build some redundancy.

What other skills do you have?

For most of my career I was only interested in coaching skills.

Not now.

Now I want to diversify. I NEED to diversify.

And you do too.

There are other ways you can add redundancy into your life but we can chat about that at another time.

Just remember, at the time, redundancy might seem silly (“CoNSpIrAcy ThEoRy”).

And is costly.

But when the SHTF, you’ll be grateful for your investment.

Over to you.

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