Hustle or Chill?

Jonathon Brown was at the top of his game.

He was one of the best AFL players in one of the best AFL teams (Brisbane Lions).

And they were about to win their 3rd consecutive AFL premiership.

Jonathon was talking to a bunch of my young athletes about his preparation.

He told the story of him waking up early (around 4am) on a cold, windy, rainy Christmas morning in Melbourne.

He figured most of his competitors would be sleeping in their warm beds and wouldn’t even contemplate training on their off-day.

So he got up, jumped on his bike and went for a two-hour cycle.

This, he said, gave him the edge when he was on the field:

His confidence grew knowing his opposition was most likely sleeping on that day while he was training in the sleet.

And his story influenced my thinking in terms of my own preparation and my own coaching.

I thrived on doing extras when others slept, took weekends off or skipped sessions.

And I made sure my athletes embraced this mindset.

We train when others won’t so we can do what others can’t

I kept telling them.

But now my mindset is very different.

I don’t start work until around 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In fact, most weeks I finish the week around 10am on a Friday.

I take Christmas off.


I’ve realised I have to *periodise* my off-time so I can crush my work time.

And this has definitely improved my coaching.

In other words, my Athletes and Members get a better service (product?) when I am fresher.

I’m also giving me Athletes time off.

Yup, we’re working harder leading into Christmas so they can have a guilt-free time with their friends and family.

Having experienced the benefits, and possible detriments, of both Mindsets, I do not judge when Mindset you prefer.

So my question to you is:

Which Mindset feels more comfortable for you?

(Send a quick reply.)

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