Ensuring Continuous Progress

There are many parallels between developing Athletes or Teams and building Businesses.

In fact, if we eliminated the poor mindset so many Coaches have toward income streams, we’d be highly desirable to a vast number of industries.

I’ll give you one example that has popped up frequently in the past few months.

When I start coaching a novice athlete, I have an underlying principle:

Ensure Continuous Progress.

In other words, regardless of how athletic they may appear to be in the warm-up/movement screen, I’ll start them at the VERY beginning of the technique work.

If we’re talking about teaching a Squat, I’ll literally ask them to sit on a high box and stand up again.

If we’re talking about a Fat Man Chin Up (aka the Supine Row). I’ll first make sure they can retract their scaps.

That’s how basic I’ll start.

I do this for a few reasons but the top 2 are:

1) They experience Success from the beginning.

2) This success builds Momentum and maintains Traction.

So what does this have to do with Business Development?

When you are designing your first product (or service), start small so you too can 1) Experience Success and 2) Build Momentum/Maintain Traction.

In start-up terms, build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and ensure continuous progression by adding small improvements as you grow.

How small did I start?

My first online product was an e-book which was literally was taken from my top 100 tweets and sells for $4.99.

It’s only sold 7 copies (I’ve written one tweet about it) but I learned a lot.

My next e-book “Cracking into the World of High Performance” has made over $2k and I’ve learned even more lessons.

The next one will be even better!

Lesson: Start smaller than you think so you can:

Ensure Continuous Progression.

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