Learning new Skills

A few years ao, Propel’s School Holiday Program was a disaster.

Well, it wasn’t a disaster… Because we didn’t even run it!

No one, as in absolutely NO ONE, signed up to attend.

Fast forward to this year and our School Holiday Programs SELL OUT.

Not only do they sell out but there is a waiting list.

So what changed?

And more importantly, what can you learn from this?

Not long ago I had this negative mindset towards a lot of the “business” side of coaching, especially with regards to marketing, advertising, promoting and selling.

Not only did I have an aversion to that aspect of Propel, I really felt like I couldn’t learn those skills nor improve myself in those areas (“It’s just not me”, “I’m too old to learn that”, “I’m not someone who is good at that stuff”, etc.)

Sound familiar?

Despite this, Propel was going well and my wife and I decided employ someone (an “expert”) to run that side of the business.

We went with someone who had the qualifications, references and lingo that all seemed impressive.

It’s fair to say they didn’t hit the ground running but we figured we’d give them time to understand our niche, members and mindset.

(From the business side, Athletic Development is totally different to most gyms, PTs, etc.)

After each campaign I had this nagging feeling I could have done better myself but “she’s the expert”.

This culminated in our zero-attendee School Holiday Program.

Super embarrassed and frustrated, I reflected on the process, gave our Business/Marketing person the flick and took ownership of my own business.

12 Months later and we had our busiest School Holiday Program… And grew from there.

What lessons can you take from this?

1) It’s never too late to learn new skills. At 42, with most of my career in the employed sector, I’ve learned new skills that have taken Propel to new levels.

2) Make sure your Mind Set/Identity isn’t holding you back. My old mindset/identity was “I’m a Coach in the private sector”. My new mindset/identity is “I’m a businessman who coaches”.

The old one prevented me from learning and adapting to the business side of coaching… the new one gets me excited to explore new options.

3) Invest in yourself. Once I committed to improve, I invested heavily (both time and money) into developing my skills. The return has been well worth it.

As always, feel free to reach out.

And let me know when you’re ready to join the Propel Mentorship program.

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